26 - 29 November 2018
Dubai World Trade Centre

Peter Scott

Peter Scott

Manager, Landscape Architecture , Khatib & Alami

Peter Scott has been significant influence role in the international urban and landscape master planning and design industry, since 1989 when he left Australia to form his own company with a mission to undertake projects in every country in the world. (So far 25. He has a unique approach to integrating holistic sustainability into urbanism from the detailed urban design of places and spaces to the metropolitan and regional spatial planning scale.

Peter understands the spatial efficiency of landscape, land use and movement, and how it works with the economic and human dimensions required to make landscapes, buildings and spaces successful. This approach has been used to great effect in work in 25 countries across Australia, The Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. His projects have won over 40 international awards and, whilst working for The Government of Indonesia, he received the Citra Gold Medal for best foreign consultant in Indonesia.

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